It has been far too long since I posted anything, so I thought I would return with a poem. This is one I wrote a while ago, but it is still one of my favourites. I wrote it following the death of my Nan, so it’s partly a reminder of her.
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Don Juan in Soho

Don Juan in Soho

I was immensely fortunate to be given tickets to see Don Juan in Soho as a Christmas present. Being a fan of Renaissance and Restoration drama – as well as having something of a man-crush on DT – it had the potential to be a perfect gift. So nearly five months to the day since Christmas, up I went to Wyndham’s Theatre with my partner in tow (perhaps even more of a DT fan) and waited with baited breath…
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Branagh’s Romeo and Juliet – A Jacobian Triumph

2016-06-04 13.56.58The Kenneth Branagh Theatre Company’s residency of The Garrick Theatre is drawing to a close. Early on, I was exceptionally fortunate to see their production of A Winter’s Tale; though not a favourite play of mine, I thought the production was excellent and the acting – especially of Sir Branagh himself – enthralling.

It was with great anticipation, then, that I made my way back to the Garrick last month to watch Kenneth Branagh and Rob Ashford’s production of Romeo and Juliet. Having been bowled over with The Winter’s Tale, I expected the same from this production, especially with Derek Jacobi as Mercutio and the much-lauded pairing of Richard Madden and Lily James in the eponymous roles. Continue reading “Branagh’s Romeo and Juliet – A Jacobian Triumph”



The first days of Spring break
Winter’s grip on the world.
The snows retreat,
the frosts diminish,
and the frozen earth
gives birth to new life.
Snowdrops pale the greening grass,
early petals splash a fractured rainbow,
and daffodils nod like kings,
their crowns asserting life’s dominion.
Nature unites in a glorious wave
goodbye to what has passed;
and every new year savours like success,
reminding all that lives that life is blessed.

An Inspector Calls (BBC, 2015)

Having recorded Drama Republic‘s 2015 adaptation of J.B. Priestley’s An Inspector Calls when it aired on the BBC in September, I finally got around to watching it this Easter. Having been a set GCSE text since I started teaching, I am pretty familiar with the play. This production has a great number of strengths, though I must admit to having had somewhat mixed feelings by the time the credits rolled. Continue reading “An Inspector Calls (BBC, 2015)”