The Egregious Lady

At school, one of the English teachers sets a ‘Word of the Week’ challenge. He provides a complex word that students have to define and use in an original sentence to show understanding. If they do this, they get an house point.
At the end of this year, he set a challenge to use all of the words in a piece of writing, so I chose a poem. It’s a little non-sensical, but let me know what you think!
(And can you spot the likely given words? (Hint: There are twenty six!))

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‘The Collapse of Parenting’ by Leonard Sax

In The Collapse of Parenting Sax outlines, as his subtitle suggests, ‘How we hurt our kids when we treat them like grown-ups.’ 1 Despite insisting that there are specific challenges facing parents in the USA that are not faced – at least, not to the same extent – as parents elsewhere, I have certainly seen an increase of these in the UK in both my personal life and my role as a teacher: in particular, the growing lack of respect of children towards adults; the increase in parents to protect children from difficulty or challenge (what Dr Sax calls ‘soft parenting’); and the over-scheduling of children’s time which detracts from quality parent-child interactions
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